LiveQube was founded in 2010 and is Norway's biggest in-store music provider, serving more than 1000 locations.
We handpick music for every playlist of every brand.


Thomas Gullestad

Founder//CEO +47 922 91 117

Club dj, Music producer, artist awarded with Norwegian Grammy, platinum and gold records.
Started out as a dj in 1995. Released four records with Norwegian group "Klovner i Kamp", touring for 7 years doing 600 concerts.
Won Norwegian dj finals in 2001.
Wrote and starred in tv-shows "Dansken & Fingern" for TV3 and Viasat4.
Back on the screen at MAX/TVNorge fall 2015.
Won "My Dancecrew" on TV2 in 2015.
Founded LiveQube in 2010.

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Chris Giller

Sales//Project Manager +47 452 89 764

Rapper and musician. 1 of 3 members of Norwegian pop group D!3, previously signed with Warner Music. Went to marketing school of Oslo, diving into the subject of Music Marketing and how music affects people's shopping patterns. This knowledge is crucial in terms of creating the right concepts for LiveQubes customers.

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Christian Steenstrup

Music Director +47 986 97 386

Christian has extensive experience from the music industry.
He was previously employed as International Product Manager at Warner Music Norway for 6 years.
His work as Music Producer in electronic duo "Of Norway", as club dj and as host of several musically focused radio shows, all highly contributes to giving LiveQube the music knowledge our customers benefit from.

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Katrine Fotland

Administration +47 461 73 002

Katrine has a black belt in making things happen, and managing projects.
She is educated Fashion Designer, and founded the shoe brand "Highway to Heritage" in 2011.

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Håkon Gilje

Support//Tech Operations +47 982 37 373

Håkon is LiveQube's youngest.
He makes sure our system runs smoothly, and supports our customers with technical issues.
He has an ICT Certificate of Apprenticeship and Cisco certification.
Previous engagements are the power company Haugaland Kraft and Tele/Network company Altibox.

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Jan Tørresen

Music Supervisor +47 907 94 121

Jan, AKA Dj Dust, has a wide experience in the music industry starting in 1990.
He has played more than 5000 dj gigs, worked as Music Director for Norwegian MTV, and done music supervision for commercials and feature films since 2000.
His experience is highly appreciated at LiveQube - giving birth to our own department for music curation for TV, Films, Commercials, Games and Radio.

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