What we do

LiveQube's music team designs the concept to fit your brand's values, visual profile, customer type etc.

A customized brand channel with curated music is created.

Music is divided into categories and scheduled in hourly, daily and weekly plans to match customer's energy level.

Commercial messages can be easily added, scheduled down to the second.


Music selection

Songs are hand picked to match the profile. Playlists are created and blended.



Playlists are scheduled in our week planner. Geographic or segment adaptions is made.


​Location roll-out

LiveQube Music players and/or apps are rolled out to all your locations.



Playlists are continuously updated. Adding new songs, retiring old ones.

What you do


Hear great music

All you have to do is set the right volume for the store. We take care of the rest.


Interact with our remote app

For special events, we can give all or specific stores access event playlists from our app.
And stores can be given the opportunity to switch between the already scheduled playlists.



Music channels curated uniquely for your brand. We serve more than 1000 locations in the Nordics.

Sonic Logo

Have us compose a unique sound signature for use wherever your brand is heard

Spot Messages

Information for your customers, or advertisement from your partners.

From idea to production

Need Sound System?

Have us set up a lean solution that sounds great.